Outdoor Portable Charger

Innovative Outdoor Lithium-ion Power Generator


Power Smart &Lightweight

Enjoy your electronics or small appliances while camping with your family or tailgating before the big game for smart portable power anywhere. Make the great outdoors even greater.

Power up your good times:

  • Music
  • Computer
  • Tablet & Cell Phone Chargers
  • Small TVs Coffee Maker
  • CrocK-pot
  • Inflator Pump
  • Outdoor Lights

The perfect guest at every event or outdoor adventure

  • Easy Starting – Our portable outdoor power generators start easily and reliably, so you can stop worrying and start having fun.
  • Quiet – Our inverter portable generators are designed to be so quiet you’ll hardly know they’re running.
  • Compact – They take up less room so you can take more of the other things you want with you.

Technical Specification:

Battery: Lithium-ion 500Wh

Charge controller: 25.2V 4A (100W)

Inverter: 300W pure sine-wave (500W Peak)

Charging inputs:

8mm round port, for solar panel/wall charger: 25.2V 4A

Power Outputs:

6mm DC port and Cigarette lighter adapter port: 12V 10A (120W total)

USB ports ,for standard USB devices: 5V,2.1A*2(21W max)

Wall outlets, for smaller home appliances: 110V AC, 60HZ, 300W continuous, 500W peak

Using time of the mechanical equipment

LED Lights( 3W 12V) About 160 hrs
Smart phone( 5-7Wh) 60+ times
Tablet( 25- 42Wh) 12+ times
DVD Player(20-25W) About 15-20hrs
Laptop computer (50W) About 3-20 hrs
electric fans( 50W) About 8 hrs
Audio (40W) About 9 hrs
Desktop computer( 100W) About 4-5 hrs
32 inch LCD TV( 98-156W) About 3-4.5 hrs
200 liters refrigerator About 6-12 hrs