Soar Charger 85W

Panel Type: SunPower
Monocrystalline Module Models


Electrical Specifications

*STC: Irradiance 1000W/m2 , AM1.5 spectrum, Module temperature 25℃

Peak Power (Pmax): 85W
Maximum power current (Imp): 2.67A
Power Tolerance: ±3%

Cell Efficiency: 19%
Open circuit Voltage (Voc): 42.5V
Maximum stystem voltage: 600V

Maximum power voltage(Vmp): 32V
Short circuit current (Isc): 2.75A
Series fuse rating (A): 4

Temperature Coefficients

Current Temperature Coefficient α(lsc) 0.03%/℃
Voltage Temperature Coefficientβ(Voc) -0.32%/℃
Power Temperature Coefficient -0.42%/℃
Nominal Temperature of Cells (NOTC) 46±2/℃
Application Temperature Range -49~+85℃

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions: 1500X 625X5mm
Weight: 2.9Kg(6.44lbs)
Solar Cellls: 64cells in series(8X8)
Construction: High-transmission PET, EVA, PCB
Frame: Canvas
Color: black
Cable: RV 2X1.0MM2
Lengths: 2000mm (-) and 2000mm (+)
Connector: Lenovo DC Plug7909

Electrical Performance

  • U-I-Characteristic Cueve 100 W/m2
  • U-I-Characteristic Cueve 200 W/m2
  • U-I-Characteristic Cueve 400 W/m2
  • U-I-Characteristic Cueve 600 W/m2
  • U-I-Characteristic Cueve 800 W/m2
  • U-I-Characteristic Cueve 1000 W/m2