Outdoor Portable Charger

Build in huge capacity Lithium-ion battery pack, in order to make your RV and outdoor life homely comfy.


Clean Energy for you or all — this is how it works

Scenario of application

Outdoor & RV travel/Home blackout/Catastrophe/Emergency

Technical Specification:

Battery Type: Lithium-ion 1500Wh

Input: 25.2V/6A


AC Port: 110V, 4.5A (500W continuous, 100W Surge Peak)

6mm DC Port and Cigarette lighter: 12V/10A, 120Wmax

USB Port: 5V/2.1A*2

Using time of the mechanical equipment

LED Lights( 3W 12V) About 420 hrs
Smart phone( 5-7Wh) 150+times
Tablet( 25- 42Wh) 31+times
DVD Player(20-25W) About 40-50hrs
Laptop computer (50W) About 8-30hrs
electric fans( 50W) About 20hrs
Audio (40W) About 23hrs
Desktop computer( 100W) About 10-13hrs
32 inch LCD TV( 98-156W) About 7-11hrs
200 liters refrigerator About 15-30hrs